Saldana Concrete, Inc.

The Foundation on Which Better Homes are Built.

Pouring concrete foundations is far less time consuming than block construction.  Ready-Mixed concrete can also adapt to cold weather construction, giving builders an extended construction season. 

Poured concrete foundations have been part of building history since the Romans built the Coliseum.  They are also the preferred choice around the world for superior strength, water resistance and design flexibility. 


The quality of your building begins with the quality of its foundation. We will work with your builder to make sure you have the best foundation  your project dollars can buy.  

Count on a strong foundation with Saldana Concrete.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of Poured Concrete Foundations

  1. Poured Concrete Walls are considerably stronger, drier, more durable, and can be constructed for quick completion for your next building project. 
  2. Poured walls can be constructed year-round through the severe winter weather our area experiences and are better for building on “marginal soil”, which can be found in the variety of soil types throughout our area.
  3. Poured walls offer a solid joint free construction with greater design flexibility, which also provides better resale value for your home.   

Advantages of Poured Concrete Foundnation

  1. Strength: Solid poured walls have a compressive and flexural strength several times that of  hollow core bock. 
  2. Design Flexibility:  Poured wall techniques are adaptable to most home designs, curved, angled, and walls that bow out are never a design issue. 
  3. Maintenance Ease: Poured wall construction is virtually maintenance free! 
  4. Poured concrete walls contain 40 % more concrete than hollow core block and have no joints. 
  5. Time: Pouring Concrete foundations take considerable less time than building a hollow block wall foundation.  A poured foundation can be ready in 3 days compared to 7 to 10 days for a block foundation. 
  6. Resistance to Rot and Decay: Solid concrete walls provide long years of service life. Water and fire resistance: Solid concrete is less porous and the joint free construction keeps water out and has twice the amount of fire resistance that hollow core block.
  7. Affordability: Home owners, Builders and public in general are concerned with controlling costs as they plan their next project.

Every project, whether it be your dream home or a retaining wall, should start with a solid concrete foundation.  We use modern construction methods that are cost competitive with other foundation methods.