Innovative Products


Thermomass® is the worldwide leader and supplier in integral concrete insulation products and systems.   Thermomass' innovative technology has revolutionized concrete construction. This technology builds durable, efficient, aesthetically versatile and environmentally responsible concrete walls.  Their core business is the manufacure of engery efficient composite construction materials, created using a specialized process called pultrusion. As opposed to injection molding or extrusion operations, the pultrusion process creates continuous lengths of reinforced polymer structural shapes that deliver constant cross-sections and consistent results – a critical factor when it comes to sandwich wall connectors and their long-term structural integrity. 

The end result is a product line as strong and flexible as steel yet non-conductive and non-corrosive with unmatched structural strength and an unsurpassed history of performance.


 FORM-A-DRAIN® is the 3-in-1 foundation solution that forms footings, provides an integrated drainage system, and can be easily adapted to vent radon where needed. Designed for residential basement applications, Form-A-Drain consists of lineal sections installed as the foundation footing forms. Unlike standard wood forms, Form-A-Drain lineals stay in place permanently after completion of the concrete pour and because they form a complete sub-slab perimeter loop around the foundation, Form-A-Drain functions as a foundation drainage and a radon collection system as well.   Since it stays in place, Form-A-Drain also shaves valuable time from the construction schedule; there’s no need for a crew to return the next day to remove, strip, clean and transport forms to the next jobsite. 

We highly recommend and use Form-A-Drain® for sub-surface water drainage in the construction of all basements.  


The use of a good WATERPROOFING SYSTEM allows you to use your basement without worry.

  • Significantly reduce the chance that moisture will infiltrate your basement through the foundation walls.
  • An extremely flexible waterproofing membrane to handle movement and minor cracking.
  • A highly polymerized water based emulsion to provide years of protection without breakdown.
  • Exceptional  bonding even on green concrete.
  • Completely seamless thus preventing traditional seam failure of sheet goods.
  • Excellent durability to provide resistance to backfill damage for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. 

Some companies only damp-proof.  This isn’t the same as waterproofing. Damp-proofing is a little more than a vapor barrier. It retards water penetration, but will not bridge shrinkage cracks or stop water leakage under hydrostatic pressure. Damp-proofing may not be durable and over time can disappear. Even with good drainage, damp-proofing can’t assure you a dry basement. Damp basements can promote the growth of mold, mildew and cause musty odors.