When we built our custom home we wanted to do it right the first time. We didn't want to do it on the "cheap"  and have to redo things over & over throughout the years.  We knew we wanted the strength & reliability of a Saldana poured concrete foundation.  We did make one mistake - When we had the option of including Thermomass (the insulation sandwiched inside 2 layers of concrete) we turned it down & opted to do the insulation outside the concrete.  For us, that was a huge mistake. We ended up spending the same amount to cover up the insulation and we would have preferred the look had we done the Thermomass. 

There are a lot of great reasons to hire Saldana Concrete for your foundation. Take it from me - get the Thermomass!  Thanks Mark and your great team for the great work you do!

Matt Westlund

Area Director, St, Cloud

N2 Publishing